What is this?

ElixirStatus is a site built by the community to provide an outlet where we can post stuff we have created.

So it's like Reddit?

It is not so much a link sharing platform where you post stuff you find, but more of a creator-hub where you can post when you have something new to announce, like:

  • a project
  • a blog post
  • a version update
  • an episode of your podcast
  • or if you are organizing a meetup/conference

Why should I post my stuff here?

ElixirStatus is just infrastructure. Your announcement will appear on this website, but more importantly it will be distributed via RSS, on Twitter and ElixirWeekly. Thousands of Elixir enthusiasts are following along.

The idea is to have something akin to what RubyFlow is for Ruby, but bringing the Elixir community's ideas to the table.

Closing thoughts

Last but not least, ElixirStatus is a web app written in Elixir+Phoenix running in production.

Together with sites like Elixir Jobs it is intended to serve as a case study for the community, so you can point your boss to these sites if he or she wants to see "proof" that this "Elixir thing" is actually a viable alternative to Ruby/Python/Node when building the next web project.