Leading Companies Using Elixir: 7 Use Cases

Gain insights into the challenges, successes, and best practices embraced by leading companies, such as Discord, Spotify, and others in Freshcode’s blog post: https://www.freshcodeit.com/blog/leading-companies-using-elixir-7-use-cases

Leading Companies Using Elixir: 7 Use Cases

Gain insights into the challenges, successes, and best practices embraced by leading companies, such as Discord, Spotify, and others in Freshcode’s blog post: https://www.freshcodeit.com/blog/leading-companies-using-elixir-7-use-cases

A Table-Driven Test Template for Elixir

While popular in other languages, it’s not obvious how to build table-driven tests in Elixir. Here’s the template I’ve been using https://blog.jpalardy.com/posts/a-table-driven-test-template-for-elixir/

12 Elixir Open-Source Projects to Build Your SaaS Ground-Up

Elixir’s ecosystem is evolving rapidly, offering powerful tools from GraphQL APIs to background job processing. Curious about the 12 game-changing innovations and community contributions? Check the Freshcode’s blog post: https://www.freshcodeit.com/blog/12-elixir-open-source-projects

Supervisor, a powerful thing can help dev & devops sleep well

Intro about Elixir supervisor & some features of that. https://dev.to/manhvanvu/elixir-supervisor-a-powerful-thing-for-dev-devops-can-sleep-well-4ge7

Flashy Notifications

In this episode we’ll make our flash notifications shine with the Flashy package.


Thinking Elixir 211: A Passion for Testing

Episode 211 of Thinking Elixir. News includes the recent release of Elixir 1.17.2, updates to Livebook v0.13 making clustering in Kubernetes easier and introducing a proxy API for webhooks, and exciting developments in the Explorer library with remote dataframes. We also discuss handy Phoenix tips from Andrew Stewart and the new Gleam 1.3.0 features. In our interview, German Velasco shares his journey from Rails to Elixir, his contributions like Elixir Streams and the Phoenix Test library, and his philosophy on TDD. German also speaks about his upcoming talk at ElixirConf and his desire for integrating JavaScript testing capabilities. Tune in to hear all this and more!


Paraxial.io is Free for Elixir Developers

Paraxial.io is now free for Elixir developers, no credit card required to get started!


Client vs Server side interactions in Phoenix LiveView

Check out Nyakio Muriuki’s guidelines on deciding between client-side and server-side handling of user interactions in Phoenix LiveView: https://optimum.ba/blog/client-vs-server-side-interactions-in-phoenix-liveview

Validate and Transform Your Data with Schematic


Binary and hex are easy!

Learn how to quickly think in binary and hexadecimal values when programming Elixir: https://youtu.be/9MyBpa01WMI

Learning Elixir and Phoenix as a frontend developer

My reflections on learning Elixir and Phoenix with a primarily frontend background: https://oliwer.me/posts/learning-elixir-and-phoenix-as-a-frontend-developer/

[Live Webinar] Elixir Security Roadmap: A CTO Level Guide

Wednesday, July 17th I’m hosting a webinar on Elixir security, the content is similar to my ElixirConf EU talk this year, which is not up on YouTube yet, so this is a good way to catch the content + ask questions. Hope you can make it!


Thinking Elixir 210: A Bloom'n Fancy UI

Episode 210 of Thinking Elixir. In this episode, we dive into the launch of Bloom UI with its creator, Chris Gregori. Chris shares his motivations behind Bloom, an opinionated extension of Phoenix core components, aimed at simplifying UI development for Elixir and LiveView projects. We discuss its command-line utility for generating components, current features like avatars and marketing layouts, and potential future directions including expanded components and web component integration. Highlights include Chris’s journey with Elixir, contributions from the community, and a strong emphasis on accessibility. Plus, we cover news on Livebook 0.13.x release, the viral “2 Million Checkboxes” project by Peter Ullrich, Tyler Young’s updated Parameterized Tests, and more!


Track Errors in Phoenix for Elixir with AppSignal

In the first part of this two-part series, we’ll integrate AppSignal into an Elixir application and track errors: https://blog.appsignal.com/2024/07/09/track-errors-in-phoenix-for-elixir-with-appsignal.html

Introduction to Elixir: Key Reasons to Choose This Dynamic Language

Elixir’s unique traits emerge from the harmonious fusion of the power of the Erlang VM, the principles of functional programming, a robust concurrency model, fault tolerance, and a focus on developer satisfaction. Take a look at the detailed analysis of its features and perks along with side-effects in Freshcode’s blog post: https://www.freshcodeit.com/blog/what-is-elixir-and-why-do-you-need-to-use-it

Vintage Cellphone [Nerves Meetup]

VintageCell is an innovative project by Bryan Green that transforms a 1930s era rotary phone into a functional modern cellphone using the Elixir programming language and the Nerves framework.


How to report Postgres custom errors in Ecto Changeset

Capture a Postgres (or any other RDBMS) custom error in the Ecto.Changeset without raising an exception.

This enables you to handle all the errors in one place without braking your aesthetic Elixir functional code with try/rescue constructs.


TypedStructor is a library for defining structs with types effortlessly

This library is a rewritten version of TypedStruct, introduced due to the original project’s lack of active maintenance. It features new functionalities and a revamped plugin interface. Additionally, there are guides available that demonstrate the capabilities of this new interface.

For more information, please visit: https://hexdocs.pm/typed_structor

Livebook 0.13: expose an HTTP API from your notebook

Expose API endpoints directly from your Livebook notebooks with the new Kino.Proxy feature in Livebook 0.13.


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