The Erlang Paris meetup is back! Come with your project and your questions to discuss.

This group is intended for those who wish to progress in learning Erlang-OTP technology including Elixir and other languages over the Erlang VM (BEAM). You can be start-up creators, beginner or expert, or simply seek to progress on this know-how with the intention of implementing it soon .

The Erlang Paris meetup is back! Come with your project and your questions to discuss. If you are planning to do a little presentation, please post a message on the forum here so we can get organized on D-Day. See you Tuesday!

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Another approach to Testing Phoenix Controller + Plug setup

I came up with a way to test a Phoenix Controller’s plug call without regular requests tests (conn tests). By digging a little deeper into Phoenix.Controller.Pipeline & some minor meta-programming:

Programming Phoenix LiveView Beta Book is live!

Order the beta from the Pragmatic Bookshelf:

Elixir Wizards S5E13 Shaun Robinson and Toran Billups on Using Elixir to Empower Online Learning

Latest episode of Elixir Wizards is out today! Check it out here:

[Live Coding] Let's try Nx: Numerical Elixir

Live Coding with Nx: trying it out locally, deciphering the example neural net, and attempting to run it on an AWS instance with GPU.

A Telegram bot in Elixir feat. LiveView

So I tried to summarize my efforts in setting up an Elixir-based Telegram bot for other people that want to do the same. This is a getting started step-by-step guide. I also include the repo of the application I’m building if you want the bigger picture.

Why choose Elixir?

Companies operate in an uncertain environment. Uncertain technology is certainly not something that will interest them. What makes companies decide to use Elixir language?

Event Sourcing and CQRS library Incident version 0.6.1 released

The version 0.6.1 includes a bug fix and package updates. Check it out:

Encrypting Ecto Fields with Cloak

In epsiode #130 we’ll use Cloak to encrypt Ecto fields.

Securing Webhook Payload Delivery in Phoenix

Webhook might sound like some scary, exotic term but at the end of the day webhooks are nothing more that a web server endpoint configured to receive HTTP POST requests in some agreed upon format. The concern however is, without any additional security, anyone could discover the endpoint and start sending their own malicious payloads to your web application.

Elixir in Production: Papercups

What are the benefits of Elixir for SaaS products? Find the answer in our interview with Alex Reichert, the co-founder of Papercups.

Building a MongoDB-style API for Postgres with Ecto

Building complex querying APIs can be hard - but it doesn’t have to be. This article shows how to use dynamic/3 to build complex SQL queries with Ecto from JSON query documents inspired by MongoDB.

ThinkingElixir 036: Using LiveView and Hooks with Alexandre Minette

In episode 36 of Thinking Elixir, Alexandre Minette shares his adventures with LiveView as he builds a personal finance tracking application. We cover his use of hooks to integrate Javascript libraries that give him the UX he wants. He shares some tips and resources for finding Javascript libraries that work well with LiveView. Alex pushes browser locale data up to the server to customize rendering dates and times for a fun and different approach. We also get his perspective on using Flutter for Mobile development and where he thinks it fits with web technologies like LiveView.

Podcast Episode

One Year of Elixir: How it compares to Ruby

Last year I started a new job at Brex where Elixir is the primary programming language for business logic. This was my first real adventure into Elixir after working in Ruby (mostly) for my professional career. Since José Valim came from the Ruby world, Elixir was a common buzzword I heard for years. I had done a tutorial or two here and there but never gotten to really use it. Now, looking back at the past year I’ve become fairly comfortable with Elixir, and wanted to outline some of the things I really enjoy about Elixir and some of the things I miss from Ruby.

mix_test_interactive: Interactive test runner for ExUnit tests

mix_test_interactive is an interactive test runner for ExUnit tests.

Based on Louis Pilfold’s wonderful and inspired by Jest’s interactive watch mode, mix_test_interactive allows you to dynamically change which tests should be run with a few keystrokes.

It allows you to easily switch between running all tests, stale tests, or failed tests. Or, you can run only the tests whose filenames contain a substring. Includes an optional “watch mode” which runs tests after every file change.

How atom keys with JSON in Ecto can break your system

You need to know that if you use the map type in your Ecto schema.

13th episode - Autostarting crypto prices streaming - crypto trading in Elixir

Hello everyone,

Just released my 13th video!

We will focus on creating a supervision tree around our streamer processes that will allow us to start and stop streaming on a symbol. To keep things in sync with the improvements made to the Naive application in the last episode, we will also introduce the autostarting functionality based on the settings from the database.

I’ve also redone the 12th video and uploaded it again so it follows the style of the series a little bit closer.

New 13th video:

The remake of the 12th video:

Enjoy <3

Server Side Time Series Plots With Elixir Using Contex

Operational dashboards are a lot more fun (and useful) realtime, so we are building ours with Elixir and the Phoenix Framework. And Contex makes it easy to build fast, realtime SVG plots.

This blog post covers some documentation gaps and quirks when using Contex.

Build ‘Availability First’ Systems with Elixir + DataStax Astra

Why DataStax Astra and Elixir? Elixir is to programming languages what Apache Cassandra™ is to databases: fault tolerant with features that prioritize scale without sacrificing performance or resilience.

Elixir Wizards S5E12 Brian Howenstein on How ClusterTruck is Innovating Food Delivery

Latest episode of Elixir Wizards is out today! Check it out here:

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