Detecting SQL Injection in Phoenix with Sobelow

Learn how Ecto encourages you to write secure code, what a function vulnerable to SQL injection looks like, and how Sobelow prevents this vulnerabliity.

What is App Scaling and why Elixir is Perfect for Scalable Applications?

No more rewriting code,

No more loading delays

No more limiting the number of users

Elixir is one of those languages that works great for MVP, but also allows you to scale your application without disrupting its operation.

In this blog post, I explained what app scaling is and why Elixir is the perfect language for scalable apps.

ThinkingElixir 119: NPM CLI Maintainer Moves to Phoenix and Rust

Episode 119 of Thinking Elixir. Kat Marchán was the maintainer of NPM CLI for 5 years but now works at Microsoft on the VisualStudio product. Kat is passionate about Rust and uses Elixir and Phoenix to build a new Banchan Art site to serve artists. It helps connect artists with clients who want to commission custom artwork. The goal is to create a platform that does not exploit artists like many of the existing options. Amazingly, the Banchan Art Elixir project is OpenSource as well!

Faster XML Parsing with Elixir

Explore how you can parse XML effectively with Elixir using a few different methods.

Q&A with Sasa Juric! FREE & ONLINE

The 10th edition of Elixir Meetup hosted by Curiosum on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 18 CET!

During the special edition, Joshua Plicque will talk about 3 Secrets to Unlocking Elite Developer Productivity and you will have the unique opportunity to ask Sasa Juric about anything you want in an hour-long Q&A!

Join the event!

Probuild-ex : Create a league of legends pro players build trackers with elixir Part 2

Second part of a series to create a probuild tracker for the game league of legends. Together we will build probuild-ex using elixir, phoenix, liveview and friends.

Infinitely Scroll Images in LiveView

We see plenty of examples around the web of infinite scrolling content. Phoenix LiveView gives us some nifty abilities to do this elegantly and smoothly without needing any frontend frameworks.

In this post we’re going to build a very simple infinite scroll page with LiveView, using TailwindCSS for the grid layout. Check out the Demo app and the code if you want to follow along.

By Jaeyson Anthony Y.

Optimize Ecto's insert_all with Placeholders

Learn how to never sent duplicate data to your database again with insert_all/3 calls using placeholders.

New Project: Nerves Metal Detector - Find Nerves supported hardware

The Nerves Metal Detector project will help people find hardware supported by the Nerves Framework. It is like but with a much broader scope.

The project is meant to be community driven. It is far from done but ready to accept contributions. The current milestone is to get to the same catalogue as and then expand from there on.

Contributions for adding scraping logic for missing vendors are greatly appreciated.

The repository can be found here:

For any questions, please join the #nerves Slack channel.

Some Early Thoughts on LiveView Native

After working through the LiveView Native tutorial and demoing the project to my Apple friends, I figured I’d capture my notes and concerns.

phx_live_storybook 0.4.0 is out 🔥

Hey there, we just released 0.4.0 of phx_live_storybook

A lot of work was involved in shipping new features, fixing bugs, refactoring code, and integrating feedback from both @josevalim & @chris_mccord 🙏

Support for Live View 0.18 plus automatic deploys - Legendary Template v8.0.0

We just released v8.0.0 of Legendary with support for LiveView 0.18, HEEx HTML formatter, and full CI tooling for automatic deploys to!

How to query and visualize data from Amazon Athena using Livebook

Livebook has built-in integrations with many data sources, including Amazon Athena.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to use Livebook to connect to Amazon Athena, execute a SQL query against it, and visualize the data.

Use dbg to check your Elixir code

Debugging Elixir code has become even more accessible thanks to the dbg/2 function. Thanks to the latest version, your work may become more pleasant and the search for errors even easier. Check how to apply new possibilities in your code. A simple one-line can facilitate your error analysis.

More on:

Probuild-ex : Create a league of legends pro players build trackers with elixir

I’m launching a series to create a probuild tracker for the game league of legends. Together we will build probuild-ex using elixir, phoenix, liveview and friends.

ThinkingElixir 118: Making Users Anonymous Upon Request

Episode 118 of Thinking Elixir. Honoring a user’s “right to be forgotten” is not only respectful, but it may be a legal requirement. Clément Quaresma joins us to share how their ecto_anon library helps us make a user anonymous. A naive approach at removing a user’s data may corrupt our own database! We dig into how this library works, the problems it solves, and how it might be used for even more than GDPR compliance.

The complete Guide to Upserts with Ecto

Upserts are useful for fire-and-forget updates to your database.Implementing them with Ecto can be tricky. This complete guide explains every step necessary and takes a deep-dive into the limitations and odd behaviours of Upserts.

Elixir vs Ruby in Depth Comparison

Many consider Elixir to be Ruby’s successor, so we decided to settle that. Together with Curiosum’s CTO, Michał Buszkiewicz and experienced Elixir & Ruby Developer, Krzysztof Janiec, we decided to compare the two programming languages.

Search Filters with Ecto Queries

I wrote a blog post about how we have been using Ecto Queries for search / filter forms in web applications. It aims at the same problem as the ransack gem in the rails world, but with less magic.

flop_phoenix 0.15.0 released

flop_phoenix (components for pagination, sortable tables and filter forms) was updated for live_view 0.18 and phoenix 1.7 - ready for verified routes, more flexibility for building URLs, improved documentation.

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